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How will Reformer Help You

Pilates Benefits.

There are many benefits for adding Pilates into your life. It is the perfect cross-training exercise for those undertaking other forms of fitness or is great as a stand alone for those who need to keep things low-impact. Reformer Pilates benefit is in its low impact yet dynamic nature. The way each exercise is undertaken builds all areas of the body - it is the ultimate full body workout. no muscle is left behind. 


Injury Prevention & Rehab.

Injury Prevention is a great benefit of participating in Pilates. Many people don't realise that Pilates is so much more than a stretch session – in fact it is the stretch plus the full body strength component of Pilates that make it ideal for injury prevention 


Many injuries are caused by muscle imbalance, correcting these imbalances through reformer Pilates allows the body’s muscles and joints to move in the way they are intended – reducing the risk of injury. 


Reformer Pilates in particular can be modified from person to person, so whether someone is recovering from a pre-existing injury or avoiding future injury we can adjust their workout to be the most effective for their needs.


At Coach Pilates we don't offer Clinical Pilates sessions for Rehabilitation - these sessions are taken by a Physiotherapist. Once you have been cleared by your medical professional we are able to provide sessions for you.

Build Strength

Before they come to class some people think Pilates is just some gentle stretching… this doesn’t last long. While low impact Pilates is a dynamic workout that through purposeful movement focuses on building balanced muscle development, core strength and flexibility.


Traditional workouts focus on specific muscles groups and neglect others leading to weak muscles getting weaker… at Coach Pilates we train to work all muscles in smooth continually movements. With focus on that flow. 


Pilates takes advantage of eccentric muscle contraction ultimately building strength in muscles without bulk. The concept of Pilates is to build strength and muscle for function not to increase size. 


The attention to the core, integrated breath and full body approach make Pilates the perfect exercise to get muscles not only strong but long and lean. As well as building bone density.  

Improved concentration and mind body connection

Joseph Pilates said Pilates is “the complete co-ordination of body mind and spirit”.


Like Yoga both Mat and reformer Pilates are considered mind body exercises. As per the 8 Pilates principles they focus on breath, concentration and control. But unlike yoga Pilates has the additional focus of functional fitness making the workouts more dynamic. In our classes each move has your total attention and hones your focus. 


Pilates is the perfect tool to improve concentration as participants are required to challenge their body and mind at the same time. 


Aside from the many physical benefits of Pilates it also holds they key to some significant Mental Health benefits. Focus on your breath, your movements helps you to come into your body and concentrate on yourself for the full class. For many people Pilates becomes their happy place, that moment in time when they can fully and unashamedly focus on them selves

Improved flexibility & balance

Pilates works the muscles through their full range of motion one of the major benefits of this is increased flexibility. 


Developing flexibility and strength in our muscles and joints stops us from developing dysfunctions which can lead to injury and ongoing pain. 


As with building strength and balance increased flexibility also helps other sports performances making pilates the perfect cross-training exercise.

One of the 8 principles of Pilates is Centring – continually bringing your focus to the centre of the body. This principle means that every Pilates exercise has an element of balance as any time you are centring your body you’re dealing with balance. In every class we focus on centre every class building your balance confidence.


Pilates is effective in improving balance and stability in all participants. Pilates is proven to reduce the fall risk of older participants and improve their everyday balance confidence. Pilates is particularly beneficial to building the balance requirements of athletes enabling them to perform better on the field.

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