There are many benefits for adding Pilates into your life. It is the perfect cross-training exercise for those undertaking other forms of fitness or is great as a stand alone for those who need to keep things low-impact. Reformer Pilates benefit is in its low impact yet dynamic nature. The way each exercise is undertaken builds all areas of the body - it is the ultimate full body workout. no muscle is left behind. 

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Injury Prevention & Recovery

Pilates is shown to be beneficial in the the prevention and treatment of sports injuries. Being low impact pilates is perfect for rehabilitation links, or connect data from your collection.

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Improved Balance and Increased Flexibility

Strengthening the core through pilates aids flexibility and improves posture and balance. Unilateral exercise insures both sides of the body are strong

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Build Strength

Focus on core strength and building and toning intrinsic muscles.

Exercises work to target and strengten specific muscles.

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Improved concentration & body awareness

The focused breathing and mindfulness required for pilates trains the mind to concentrate, and listen to the body.