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At Coach Pilates we’ve designed a number of classes for people at all levels. No matter where you want you Pilates practice to take you, we’ll get you there.

Pick and choose the classes that you like, when it best fits your schedule. 

Each class lasts for 45 minutes and are on multiple times per week.

Form and Flow

Our regular scheduled group classes provide a low impact yet dynamic workout using the resistance of the Reformer machine. With only four people per classes they are still intimate and suitable for all fitness and skill levels.  This 45minute workout, is programmed to target specific body parts using the Pilates principals. We aim to keep these workouts fun & dynamic, with great music and can-do attitudes.  Our coaches will push you as hard as you are ready for. 

Suitable for:   Everyone

Small Group: 7 Reformers


Our High Intensity Interval Pilates (HIIP) class combines Pilates power and strength exercises with the addition of the jumpboard. This class is a step up in intensity, where we get the heart pumping, while focusing on technique and precision.  


If you are looking to spice up your Reformer practice with some cardio our H.I.I.P jump class is the class for you. Don't worry everyone is able to go at their own pace!

Suitable for:  Experience on reformer recommended before your start this class -about 3 classes. 

Small Group: 7 Reformers

Prepare & Repair

This class combines strength and stretch on the reformer.

25 MIN - Prepare: Working on building strength and form.

20MIN - Repair: this time is spent stretching and releasing muscles. 

Suitable for: everyone particularly beginners and those recovering from injury.

Small Group: 7 Reformers

Sweat Session

Our sweat sessions are a circuit style class that combine: Reformer, Jumpboard, and bootcamp exercises to get your heart rate up and your glow on.

The perfect class for when you want to add a little more spice to your pilates practice.

Suitable for:

You workout at your ourn pace, choosing the progressions that suit you = making this class suitable for all Not recommended for pregnant clients

Small Group: 7 Reformers


This class is the ultimate combination of mat and reformer Pilates.

these classes focus on the pilates principles, functional movement and form.

using both the reformer and mat exercises you will get a full body workout.

Suitable for: progressions and regressions are available for each exercises making this class friendly for all levels.

Intro Class

This is the class for people new to Reformer or just new to Coach Pilates and looking to ease in.


In this 45 minute session we go over:

Introduction to Reformer Equipment

Pilates Basics - including T-zone and Spinal Positions

Injuries & Pregnancy

Beginner Pilates Class to make you comfortable on the Reformer and ready to attend classes.


After a more tailored session maybe our Private or Duet sessions are more for you

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