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Coach Christmas Survival Tips

Tis the season when we start to feel the burn out of the year just past. It is typically that time of year when we add more social engagements than ever to our calendars, more items to our already full to do lists and forget to look after our selves. I am a big Christmas fan, and love everything about it but I know how easy it is to forget yourself in the effort to please others.

Here I some tips for Christmas Survival Coach Style.

Hydration is key with all the parties and sun its time to look after our bodies both inside and out.

Make sure you are getting enough water a day keep a drink bottle near by to ensure you stay accountable and track how much you are drinking. Also give that skin some loving pop on a gorgeous hydrating face mask and nourish your body on the outside as well.

It's easy to feel like you need to catch up with everyone at this time of year. But let's be honest what's the rush? You can still lunch in the New Year. So be selective about who you spend your time with, if it is people who drain your energy or simply give you the SH*Ts take a hard pass on those events. Spend time with people who lift you up, people who reenergise you and make your soul sing.

Every day try to get outside, feel the sun on your skin, get your bare feet out and ground those feet on the earth. Sometimes a quiet moment in nature whether it be sitting still or taking a walk is all you need to recalibrate.

Even on holidays it is important to try and move your body everyday. This activity and movement is its own self care. It will help you sleep better, digest better and feel all round better. It doesn't have to be a 10km run or an intense HIIT workout just take the time to move.

So often throghout the year we sacrifice our sleep to get life done. This is our moment to prioritise sleep in whatever way you can, grab a sleep in or a nap and recharge away.


Remember that one night of cocktails and one big meal is not going to undo any of the health and fitness goals you have worked towards during the year. Remember moderation, but when you are letting loose, lose the guilt be safe in the knowledge that you have done the work one blow out is not the end of the line it not the reason to enter some kind of vicious guilt cycle where you punish yourself.

Just like when we were kiddies don't forget to eat your fruit and veggies. Make sure you are feeling your body with the good stuff so that you don't feel guilty (see tip 7) when you do take the time for some endulgence

So girl basically what I am saying is prioritise you this Christmas period. Make time for the things that bring you joy, make time for the things that make you feel good about yourself and lose the guilt!


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