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Fight Like a Girl - breast cancer awareness fundraiser

At Coach Pilates part of our mission is to support all women with our special brand of Girl Power. Usually we do this in the form of bringing Pilates into their lives but in October we are going to do things a little bit different. This October with our partners at The Active Sisters we are getting behind Breast Cancer Awareness month and looking to support women with Breast Cancer.

In our unique girls support girls way we are holding our Fight Like a Girl – Sweat Session on October the 17th to raise money for local charity Know Your Knockers run by Breast Cancer survivor Kartrina.

About know your knockers

Know your knockers is a brand that raises awareness to the importance of knowing your knockers, your body and your gut – because it all starts with you. The goal of our session is to raise money to go towards the development of the Know your knockers breast cancer pocket guides. We aim to raise enough money to develop over 200 guides. These guides have been created to help women navigate the overwhelming world of breast cancer.

We know that Australians are more likely to be affected by Breast Cancer than any other. It is more likely than not that you or someone in your life has been impacted. We ask you to come Fight like a girl with us.

Fight Like a Girl Sweat Sessions

We are offering three Fight Like a Girl - Sweat Sessions on 17th October 2020.

These sessions are for all fitness levels and ages. We ask you to grab you gal pals and come and support your sisters who are fighting the fight against breast cancer. It would mean so much to us if you can help support us.

Not able to make a session?

not to worry you can still support our cause by purchasing one of our Cutie Boobie Tees.

These T-shirts combine are the ultimate in female power featuring our - #GOGRLPWR #SISTERHOOD mottos

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