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Girl you got this - putting yourself first

In our busy lives many women struggle to put themselves first. We can be so focused on being

a daughter, an employee, a boss, a mother, a sister and a friend that we lose sight of who we are and what we need in the effort to please others.

It is easy when focusing on others to let our needs and wants fall aside. We relish the busy nature of our lives without taking time to consider if it is burning us out as we jump from task to task. Especially when we have kids there are times we are on the endless treadmill of to do's. We make the time to ensure our children are at their trainings and practice sessions, we make sure they are eating well and have well rounded social lives yet often we forget to give ourselves the same attention.

One of my favourite things since opening the studio is when women come in to their regular Pilates classes and tell me that this is there me time. This is the time they take just for them, the time when everyone in their circle knows they are doing something for themselves. The time when they are the priority.

Here are some simple ways to take your people pleaser self and put her first!

Firstly come up with your daily non-negotiable. These are not big ticket items they are the little things that help build up the foundations to keep you strong each day. They are the things that alone don't seem like much but when added together can completely transform a day (and ensure an element of sanity).

One of my daily non-negotiable is going doing my skin care and going to bed at the same time every night. As a Virgo combined with a-type personality routine and structure makes me very happy - you need to find what works for you

Take some time to think of the little things that will work for you - here are some ideas:

Secondly you need to come up with your Weekly or Monthly non-negotiable list. These can be a little bigger and may need to be worked out with the significant people in your life such as partners or family members.

These items may be directed towards your self such building your career or exercise or they may be more outward focused such as having regular outings with your family or friends. No matter what these things are they enable you to be the best version of yourself. There are more than enough things to grab your attention and distract you it is important to prioritise what matters most to you.

So when you are considering your bigger ticket items ... have a think about :

What gives you energy?

Do you feed off being around people or taking solace alone?

What are your passions?

Is it your career, sport, craft?

What brings a smile to your face?

As a child when where you at happiest?

What are the things that quieten you mind?

How do you make your body feel good?

Here are some of my regular non negotiables:

As you start to implement your non-negotiable you may start to feel guilt creeping in about things not getting done. You may start to worry about what people think about your priorities. This is when you need to focus they are your priorities not anyone else's it is about YOU.

This is the perfect time to think about your I don't list. Things that you DON'T do in order to cut yourself some slack.

Here are a few of the things that I don't do:

Ultimately it is important to remember that as much as your love your family and friends you need to show them that you appreciate yourself and that you are a priority. It is hard but it is worth it, start with the daily. non negotiable and work your way up from there. Because you deserve it.


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