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Introducing Genna - our life coach and cheerleader!

Let's give a big Coach Crew welcome to Genna! Genna is not only a member of the Coach Crew but she is also the Life Coach on board for our SELF STARTER SERIES that is starting in October.

Curious about what a life coach does and how Genna will help you throughout the challenge (and in life) here is your chance to find out.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email us

Hi I’m Genna 👋🏻

I am a qualified Life Coach, helping women, particularly mothers, to uncover their real self, honour their deepest needs and uplift their confidence - bringing balance, fulfilment and joy to their life.

Working with me as your life coach is like having someone as your very own personal cheerleader. My clients have said that it is like having the ultimate self care practice, as I provide a safe space for them to feel heard and listened to whilst they open up and share what is really on their heart and mind.

I ask powerful questions, provide perspective, offer support, encouragement and accountability.

Within my 1:1 coaching we have a series of sessions that include setting inspiring goals. This session goes DEEP, is super powerful and sets the foundations for our time together. From there we continue our sessions every fortnight whilst creating actionable steps that align with you to achieve your goals.

I like to help my clients to:

  • Feel confident in who they are and get crystal clear on what they REALLY want for their life

  • Ditch comparisonitus and confidently start to live their own beautiful vision of the mama, partner and PERSON they want to be

  • Let go of shitty old thoughts that have been playing like a broken record and keeping them from living the life they really want

  • Become best friends with themself through menstrual cycle awareness and leaning into their intuition for regular guidance and support ​​

  • Know (and live by) their boundaries that support them in keeping their cup full. Bye Bye overwhelm, burn-out, self-doubt and hello patient mama, loving partner and fun friend

  • Feel light, at peace and HAPPY with who they are

It’s time to take back your worth, to reprogram your value systems and step forward into a more fulfilling, contented lifestyle.

When you place value on yourself, your value in every other aspect of life increases wholeheartedly.

💫Let’s work together to uncover your best, trust and most authentic self 💫.

Genna xxx


Prior to coaching with Genna I was struggling with everything. My children, stress, confidence & stability. I was just lost and felt so off track.

Heading into my first session I felt really excited. It was amazing to just have someone on my sideline encouraging and supporting me. Someone to bounce my thoughts off and to help me find clarity.

I've definitely found my confidence and my voice again. I feel excited and content in who I am and also have such a clearer vision of where I want to go. I've really learned to just stop and slow down and not put so much pressure on myself for everything to be ‘perfect’. I've learned how important it is to take time for myself and nurture my body and mind. Mainly, I feel aligned and like I am once again working from a place of passion and joy!

I managed to break free from a career I hated and embark on something that is more aligned with me and my goals. I am in such a happier space and feeling so much more content with who I am.

I just loved having someone to talk to. Someone who understood me and was just there to listen, encourage and help. Someone who helped me to connect with myself and my feelings and hold myself accountable. It was just a wonderful experience and I am really grateful to you Genna. you're a beautiful girl inside and out and you have inspired me to be the best version of myself! xxx


Coaching with Genna has helped me remember the things that uplift my energy and has brought me to a place where work is a joy again. It's opened my mind to a whole new world of possibilities and get really clear on what lights me up... Which is to give energy and show up for other people. Coaching has also provided me the tools to help prevent burn out. I can't thank you enough for what you've done for me.

I honestly mean it as I type these words with tears of gratitude. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

I'm so thankful our souls crossed.


Prior to coaching I was struggling with my self worth, my everyday life and I found that I wasn’t passionate about my job anymore. I was lost, confused and didn’t know where or who I wanted to be.

During the course of life coaching with Genna, I gained a job and got the change I desired, I worked out my triggers for stress and what makes me feel unbalanced and I learnt what I want to contribute to the world and what lights me up inside. Basically, everything has changed for the better.

My friends and peers have noticed that I am happier, lighter, more confident and calmer.

I am so grateful that it was you who I coached with Genna. I felt like we clicked and it was easy. The overall coaching experience was enlightening, fun and yet challenging.

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