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Just Add Pilates - why you need Pilates in your life.

So you are already super fit or have an amazing training regime – you may ask do you really need Pilates in your life and the simple answer is yes. It is common for people who already participate in other forms of exercise from team sports, to the gym or F45 to question the benefits of. What they don’t realise is that Pilates is the perfect cross-training practice and that while Pilates may not be your main form of fitness smart athletes know that incorporating Pilates Practice as part of their cross-training routine elevates their performance and results. By adding Pilates to your training program everyone from the weekend workout warriors to the professional athletes will see the change to their performance and bodies.

Whether you are training for a marathon, working hard in the gym or Participating in team sports at a community or professional levels Pilates is the perfect addition to your training regime. At coach Pilates we believe in harnessing the power of Pilates to elevate player performance and mindset. Pilates is the perfect cross training tool to elevate your performance. You can choose to utilise your sessions to repair your body or prepare for game day. Many studios recommend at least 2 sessions a week for results, if you are doing other forms of sport or exercise we have found that the addition of even one Pilates session a week to your routine can be the difference between stellar and so-so performance. Pilates doesn’t have to be the be all and end all it can be incorporated seamlessly into your current routine – whether that be by adding participating in a class one or week

Many people come to Pilates through injury rehabilitation. This is because the low impact and controlled nature of Pilates makes it perfect for the rehabilitation of injured muscles and joints. Pilates is also beneficial to prevent injuries as your exercise. Body awareness is built over the course of your Pilates practice; you become aware of how you body feels, where it is in space and how to control you movements which helps lead to the prevention of inuries.

Pilates will help you overcome pain, injury and poor form, so that you can improve and grow in your other sports or fitness activities.

Your Powerhouse is comprised of a group of muscles; abdominals, lower back, buttocks and the hip — this powerhouse group of muscles is the core of Pilates Participating in Pilates is perfect for developing an you powerhouse. During all Pilates sessions you strengthen and control the deep abdominal muscles along with the muscles closest to the spine makes you more agile increasing your athletic performance. Every exercise will focus on breathing and centring of the core which builds that powerhouse making Pilates the ideal form of functional exercise.

If you are someone who regularly does frequent high intensity or high velocity training it is essential that you include some active recovery into your workouts. Pilates is the perfect option.

The low impact nature of Pilates and the lower intensity enables you to place emphasis on your posture, form and technique. Lengthening and strengthening muscles to help the body recover faster and get you back into the gym or on the field quicker.

Pilates is the ultimate full body workout. Where specific training and sports focus on working the same muscles in each session your Pilates session will be all encompassing. The full body approach taken with Pilates is perfect to balance your body. It ensures you strengthen those muscles that are underused while also reducing the stress on your over worked muscles.

Developing balance enables you to have more power when you are off balance due to Increased core stability and balance. If you are performing movements such as passing under pressure extra stability in your core can help you generate power while off balance

Many people worry about not being flexible enough to do pilates – this is a big myth flexibility is the result of pilates not a requirement to participate in pilates.

Many other forms of training require dynamic and explosive movements or speed which restricts the muscles and reduces flexibilltiy. By working on the length and strength of muscles during your Pilates Practice you counteract the restrictions you have placed on your muscles and gradually increase your flexibility. A major bonus of developing and maintaining flexibility is an increased range of motion around the joints and well stretched muscles. This allows full range of motion resulting in a peak performance. If you are someone who trains regularly and/or intensity adding flexibility training to your workout will increase mobility which in turn will reduce muscle soreness and stiffness.

So the moral of the story - Pilates has many benefits, especially for those who undertake other training and exercise. We encourage you and those in your life who love to exercise to book into a session and see what Pilates practice can bring to you.

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