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Let's start at the very beginning... A very good place to start

For most of us the beginner stage of something new is something we try and get though as quickly as possible. I know when we take the leap and finally start reformer Pilates we tend to want to be better straight away. We want to move out of that awkward beginner zone. In the words of Tom Vanderbilt “ as adults we instantly put pressure on our selves with goals” we strive to move forward.

Starting anything new is always daunting. As we leave out comfort zone we are put in a vulnerable position and those thoughts begin to creep in… do I look stupid … is everyone watching me … what the actual hell is going on... I need to get better stat!

I am here to tell you that there is no benefit to rushing through the beginner phase in a bid to avoid this awkwardness. It's not always about increasing your springs and your athletic ability. 100% No one wants to stay a beginner forever but we should take some time to appreciate the benefits being a true beginner bring.


Working at a beginner level allows you to:

  • pay attention to how your body moves and how the exercises feel

  • perfect your technique

  • develop better body awareness

  • understand the Reformer

  • sense of accomplishment

  • avoid injuries

  • your practice is deliberate and mindful not focused on springs

  • build a solid foundation

  • repetition makes it easier to build your practice.

Even when you are ready to move up.. to try a new spring there is a benefit to holding onto that beginner awareness where you notice the small things. That unbeatable confidence of knowing what is going on.


There are some major risks in trying to rush out of the beginner zone.

When we begin to focus on increasing springs rather than the quality of the movement it can lead to a range of risks including:

  • lack of body awareness

  • increased risk of injury

  • reduce effectiveness of the exercises

  • reduced understanding of the reformer

  • lack of mind body connection

At Coach Pilates we want you to focus on building your foundations. Building confidence on the reformer and with the exercises. We will challenge you to push yourself always but not at the risk of not completing the exercises effectively. It is not always about heavier springs or your athletic ability sometimes the challenge is working with the and understanding equipment, nailing the choreography and being familiar with your body. Always remember even when you go up a level we will work with you to ensure its in your capabilities, listen to what your body needs.

time to LEVEL UP

You are not going to be a beginner forever so when is it time to level up?

Here are some signs it's time to take it up a notch.

  • you have been coming to classes for a while

  • the exercises are beginning to feel less challenging

  • you feel confident on the reformer

  • you feel confident with the exercises and choreography

  • you are feeling stronger / fitter

  • you are aware of your body's abilities / weaknesses / injuries

See you in the studio

Meg x

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Excellent read! I have just booked my very first class ...with you! I am looking forward to it even more now!

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