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Pre-natal Pilates

Each woman experiences pregnancy differently some women fly through with ease and a gorgeous glow. Some women like myself double in size and have morning sickness all day for months on end. Choosing a suitable exercise program for you while pregnant will provide many physical and mental benefits during this time of major body changes. For some that means keeping up their level of activity with minimal changes for those of us who can barely make it through the day it can just be light physical movement. Whatever form of exercise you choose we want to ensure your body is moving throughout pregnancy

Pilates is one of the best methods for exercising while pregnant. Pilates exercises are easily modified and can be adjusted to accommodate the needs of pregnant and post-natal women. The beauty of these modifications being you can exercise throughout the duration of your pregnancy. We can adjust intensity and impact to suit your needs.

At Coach Pilates our instructors are qualified to take you through your pregnancy and into post-natal recovery. In our pregnancy and post-natal reformer Pilates sessions, we adjust our standard exercises to accommodate your pregnancy progression. For the first two trimesters you will be able to participate in standard classes with modifications. From the third trimester we recommend taking private reformer Pilates sessions so we can tailor your program to meet your pregnancy needs. Pregnant women are advised (where medically approved) to undertake 30minutes or more of moderate exercise at least 3 days a week. Pilates is a safe and supportive environment to undertake this exercise.



· Limit ab-curl/sit-up abdominal exercises. Too much abdominal strengthening can increase the risk of developing Rectus Diastasis.

· Reduce intensity - at this stage the woman’s heart rate increases by approximately 15% - make sure to lighten intensity to ensure the heartrate isn’t elevate to high

· Focus on Pelvic Floor and T-Zone activation.


· Avoid standing and feet in straps Inner Thigh Exercises. As pregnancy progresses the ligaments and joints become more lax. As the pubic bone begins to separate working the inner thighs can increase this.

· Avoid all sit-up abdominal exercises – side lying and four point kneel abdominals only.

· Avoid all stomach (prone) and back (supine) lying positions


· Avoid all abdominal exercises

· Avoid all inner thigh exercises

· Avoid all prone and supine lying positions

· Sessions are guided by the mother’s comfort levels.

· Continue to work out as long as mother feels comfortable

· Focus on sitting, side lying and standing exercise.

· Decrease intensity


After you have received clearance from your doctor you can resume your Pilates routine. Gradually building you pelvic floor and core muscles back up

Overall Reformer Pre-natal pilates is the perfect exercise to help you navigate your changing body throughout pregnancy. If you are looking to continue your health and wellness throughout your pregnancy please come and visit us at Coach Pilates. We would love to look after you throughout this time.

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