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Sometimes a workout is just a workout

Unpopular opinion but some times a workout is just a workout. 

The current vibe from the workout / fitness world is all about our exercise programs offering more than the ph

ysical benefits, bring joying, making us fulfilled, spiritually connect or more grounded and while that is great here is what’s not being said if you workout consistently this is just not the case all of the time... even if you genuinely love your workouts some days they will just be work.

At Coach Pilates I love love love the side benefits people get from their sessions the fulfilment, alone time, joy, whatever it is I think it is so important to find a workout style that gives you all of the good vibes. But I’m just here to say even if you love it there will days where your workout just feels blah. Especially if you are exercising regularly and consistently. Having an off day is normal, it is going to happen and it does not mean you should throw in the towel.

For me I love the extras that come with my workouts but the fact is...

99% of the time when I run by the ocean I get energised by the sun and salty air

1% of the time it is just one foot in front of the other and purely getting some steps in.

99% of the time I finish a pilates class feeling strong and refreshed after some me time

1% of the time I’m fatigued and my social battery is still drained

99% of the time I finish a netball game sweaty, happy and socially connected

1% of the time I have competitive rage, frustration and want to cry on the way home.

So when I do have a 1% day I try and remember the other days when I have all of the love and release the expectation that every session will be amazing.  Hey if the odds start increasing with more bad days and good defs the time to mix it up but until then let's be realistic, i exercise and move my body a lot it is impossible that every session will be a good one.

I am currently using a run program that makes me rate how I feel after a workout as Strong, Proud or Energetic and some days I just want an option that is DONE... you know I did it and that is enough. This is how we need to treat those off days. Just mark them off as done and don't dwell in the ick.

Remember every workout is not going to be an enlightening experience. Sometimes we are just getting it done and moving on.

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