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Studio Closure Update:

For anyone who doesn't get the emails   - I wanted to reach out personally to inform you about an important update regarding closing the studio doors. 


 I’m moving the closure date of our studio forward.

Instead of June 30th, we will now be closing on June 22nd.


Due to some unexpected but necessary circumstances, I need to prioritise my mental health and family needs at this crazy time.


I deeply apologise for any inconvenience this may cause, especially if you had classes booked after the 22nd. I understand how this may disrupt your plans, and I truly appreciate your understanding and support during this time.


All classes booked after 22nd April will be cancelled.

You do not need to go into the app to cancel.


I've done my best to give everyone the opportunity to use their remaining classes, and I want to thank those who have taken the opportunity to do so since April.


 For those with 30 and 50 class packs, refunds will be processed as previously outlined. Please note that the end date for counting your pass usage will now be June 22nd, not June 26th.


As detailed when purchased, there are no refunds for 5 or single class passes. So, I encourage you to book any remaining classes before we close. We currently have had a lot of cancellations and plenty of free spaces available - just keep your eyes peeled.


To make things a bit easier, single class passes will be available for just $15 until we close.


Thank you so much for your understanding and support. It is honestly so hard but my to-do list is just too long.


 I want to leave Coach giving it 100% and good vibes.



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