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The Pilates Posse - who's your Pilates personality

Each reformer class in every pilates studio has members of the Pilates Posse. Those personalities that follow you no-matter where or when you practice Pilates. Which member of the Pilates Posse are you?

The Social Butterfly.

The social butterfly has heard on the grapevine that Reformer Pilates is the hot new exercise and she is here for it... not only to work on her core but to grab brunch with the girls after. Our Social Butterfly loves to chat and quickly makes friends with all the pilates babes.

  • Outfit:She channels 90s Princess Di in her oversized sweater and bike shorts

  • Accessories: Scrunchie

  • Hair Style: those locks are free flowing until SH*T gets real end the scrunchie goes in

  • Celeb Icon: Hailey Bieber

Hot Mess Hunny.

Perpetually running late to class either carrying or requiring coffee. With a million things on their to-do list and an overflowing inbox Pilates is the Hot Mess' me time. The chance to do something for herself even if it is just lie on the reformer for 45minutes. Always forgets socks.

  • Outfit: depending on the morning her outfit can range from on trend co-ordinates to last nights bed shirt and tights stolen from her sister.

  • Accessories: Keep Cup

  • Hair: Messy Bun

  • Celeb Icon: Hilary Duff


Always wearing in the latest tights with the perfect blow wave our trend setter knows her selfie angles as well as any influencer. Always remembers Checks-In to Pilates and add photos of themselves on the reformer to their socials so everyone knows they are #blessed with that #reformerpilateslife. The trend setter is the studios biggest cheer leader – always sharing the love and the likes.

  • Outfit: Fresh off the rack separates - her style is unique & on point always

  • Accessories: The freshest kicks

  • Hair: Beachy waves

  • Celeb Icon: Gigi Hadid

Type-A Boss Babe.

Our Type A Pilates Girl always asks the instructor how their form is – even when they know its on point. Always checking what muscles are meant to be engaged and how they are doing. This #bossbabe makes the most out of every class before heading back to the boardroom.

  • Outfit:Colour Co-ordinated Sets (function meets fashion)

  • Accessories: iPhone to stay up to date with emails

  • Hairstyle: Perfect pony tail (That would never dare fall in her face)

  • Celeb Icon: J.Lo

Pilates Unicorn.

There is no messing about with our Pilates Unicorn. She keeps her outfit simple in all black so nothing takes away from her superb performance on the reformer. Every move is done with ease, not a hair out of a place. If she wasn’t so nice we would all hate her.

  • Outift: keeps it sleek all black all the time

  • Accessories: Sunglasses

  • Hairstyle: Braids

  • Celebrity Icon: Kendall Jenner

Pilates Karen.

and last but not least we have Karen. Karen has a hundred questions and even more opinions. She will let you know her latest injuries and ailments as well as those plaguing her from 20 years ago. Karen has a heart of gold and no qualms in letting you know when your tights have gone see-through love.

  • Outfit:Karen will wear whatever she pleases

  • Hair: Styled with plenty of hairspray so not a hair is out of place.

  • Celeb Icon:Kath Day-Knight

We love all members of our Pilates Posse and everybody in between. Anyone who Pilates is our kinda people.


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