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The Secret of Springs: Your Guide to Personalised Power in Reformer Pilates

Ok we think it's important to dive into the magic behind those springs that make our reformer pilates sessions so damn good?

Let's talk all about it! You know, those springs are like the unsung heroes of our workouts, quietly providing the resistance that challenges and transforms our bodies. 💪

It is important to remember the magic of the the springs comes with their ability to be changed. The springs in an exercise as recommended by your awesome instructors are more like guidelines than strict rules. It's not a one-size-fits-all situation – it's about tailoring the resistance to suit YOUR body and your unique vibe. Because we know some days are we can be all about pushing our bodies and adding springs and some days the challenge has been just showing up.

So this is your message to pick the springs that suit you... if you are struggling feel free to drop a spring or two it feels easy peasy add some springs or ask your instructor for a recommendation. Remember we got you boo! We want to make sure you are working to your potential.

Ever wonder why your instructor might switch up your springs mid-session? Well, it's a genius move - if we do say so ourselves!

If they add a spring, in most cases they are building resistance, cranking up the challenge, making you work that extra bit harder. It's like levelling up in a video game – more resistance, more gains!

On the flip side, lightening a spring isn't a shortcut; it can be a strategic move. Quite simply some exercises are actually harder when lighter.

But also just remember if you are powering along and your instructor lightens your springs to ease off the resistance - don't get offended or worry. When your instructor does this, it's to shift the focus from sheer resistance to perfecting your form. It's like saying, "Hey, let's slow down, nail that technique, and build strength the smart way."

So, the next time you see those springs getting a makeover mid-class, know it's your instructor's way of customising your experience for maximum benefit. Embrace the change!

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