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Working your booty off and not getting the results you want?

So lately I have been having a few questions about using Pilates as part of a fitness plan to lose weight or meet physique goals.

While I think every body is able to do pilates and should be celebrated I do understand when you feel like you want to mix it up, and from personal experience I myself have used Pilates as a way to meet physical goals - I recovered from injuries and changed my shape. We are all about embracing your body and working on health but we also understand when you want to make physical changes.

There are many elements that go into meeting physical goals and here are some quick thoughts on what can help in our corner of the reformer world.


As Rhianna would say work work work work work...

Put the work into each and every session. Let your trainer know your goals, ask them to challenge you - the more you let us know the more we can help.

Also it's on you Challenge yourself try a new spring, try the level two option


Book and commit to your classes. Don't book and bail, honour your schedule. remember why your are going to class. Let your family and friends know your goal. Ask them to support you. To help you make your classes or get out for a walk. It's not always easy to show up when things get busy or the shit hits the fan but we need to think about what you are showing up for REMEMBER YOUR GOAL we promise there is a 99% chance you will feel better at the end of class

⛹🏻‍♀️MIX IT UP⛹🏻‍♀️

Okay while we love Pilates over here but we also believe in variety in your workout.

Standard Reformer will work provide strength and resistance training and I know personally it can change the shape of your body but diversity is the spice of life and brings the change. It can be as simple as mixing up the type of reformer workouts like adding in a HIIP sessions to adding some walks or a different fitness session.

Think about how you loved to move as a child was it a sport or dance. Is there any way you can incorporate something similar into your workout schedule?

Don't forget what works... so often i see people who have left reformer behind to mix it up or go hard on the cardio and come back to Pilates say "i forgot how much i missed it'. So we say fit it in come up with a schedule and work your reformer sessions into the mix. We guarantee they are working.

An added bonus Variety also stops you getting bored and quitting.


Babe here we say keep it real. When you are starting out so often we see people over loading their workouts. Yes this may be a way to quickly ensure you drop some weight it's also a sure fire way to ensure that you don't sustain your results. Keeping a realistic schedule means that your results may take longer but also that you will be able to keep it up in the future.


Sadly speaking if you are like me and someone who would rather work out than worry about diet we do need to think about what we are putting into our bodies. Even if you went to the gym everyday for 1hr, this would only contribute roughly 5% of your total calories burned each day.

I learned from working with a nutritionist just how you can have a much greater influence on creating a calorie deficit by focussing on calories consumed through food rather than busti

ng your tooshie in workouts. I can 100% recommend speaking directly with a dietician or nutrition for a sustainable nutrition plan.

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