If you are new to Reformer Pilates or would like your training to be tailored to your needs our Private or Duet sessions may be what you need. 
Reformer Intro

Welcome to the reformer

If you are not sure where to begin our one on one reformer intro session are perfect for you. Our coaches will take you through the Pilates foundations and assess your readiness to participate in our group class or if you prefer ongoing private lessons


This session allows you to become familiar with the reformer, learning correct technique and breathing. 

Suitable for: Beginners

Private Session

Made for you

These 45 minute 1 on 1 sessions with our instructors will focus on your needs.  We work together to identify your goals, strengths and weaknesses. From here we will tailor a program to develop your Pilates technique and to meet your goals.

We also offer 30 minute express private sessions

Suitable for: Everyone


Bestie Perfect

Ideal for two friends or a couple  who want to work out together.


After an initial assessment we will develop a program to help you both meet your goals.

For 45 minutes our session will be fun filled and taken at your own pace. 

Suitable for: Everyone