Do you feel like you are GO-GO-GO but going nowhere?


As busy women we can get caught up meeting other people’s expectations. We get so caught up doing the right thing for others that we seem to gorget who we are, what we need and what our purpose is.. We lose sight of what makes us happy. We can somehow always manage to find the time to meet the deadline at work or we can find the time to drop our kids to a hundred after school activities, yet we are too busy to take time for ourselves and if we do, we get the guilts.


If this feels like you the Self Starter Series may be the 6 weeks of self that you are looking for… This series is not all about depriving yourself or rapidly dropping kilos for a summer body. This series is about taking ownership of your own life. We will work with you over 6 weeks to take action to make YOU the priority, learn how to avoid burnout and to make time for workouts, to make time for your health and to make time for your happy.


These actions don’t need to be big life changing moments. This series is about providing you with the support and encouragement to take small actions everyday that help you toward becoming the best version of yourself for you AND you family. 

Orientation Evening:

Monday 11th October 6:30pm

  • Group Nutrition Coaching Session

  • Book your 1:1 Nutrition Consultation with Pam

  • Life Coaching Introduction by Genna

  • Pilates & Fitness Chat with Meg

  • Self Starter Pack valued at over $100 

Weekly Format:

  • Monday Motivation Live with Genna through our private Facebook group page.

  • 2 x Pilates Workouts at time of your choice

  • Wednesday Workout & Check In with Meg

Midway Check-in:

Date TBC

  • In person Group Life Coaching Session with Genna -

  • Workout with Meg

  • Fitness Check-in with Meg


We will have a  breakup to celebrate our wins.

What's included.



Genna is our life coach and your personal cheerleader over the course of the series. 

Throughout the series Genna will provide you with the support and guidance you need to make meaningful change in your life so you can start showing up as the person you want to be. We will have a series of weekly sessions where you will set your goals and then begin to take action toward achieving them.

We will

  • Learn how to supercharge your goals so they really inspire you 

  • Get crystal clear on what it is you really want for yourself 

  • Explore your sense of self so you feel confident in who you are again

  • Learn how to make yourself a priority without the dreaded guilt

  • Learn how to overcome thoughts that might be holding you back from achieving your goals

Genna specialises in bringing magic back into the lives of busy women so they are no longer just surviving each day but they are thriving.


Genna Pomfret | Life Coach

valued at $600


Image by Brooke Lark


Through naturopathy and nutrition Pam specialises in helping women combat health symptoms caused by stress burnout and fatigue. 


On our orientation evening Pam will guide us in how to nourish not punish our bodies with food. 

- How to understand food labels

- Portion Control / The Plate Method

- Should we be calorie counting?

- Adrenal Exhaustion

- And more


In your one on one Nutrition session with Pam you will be able to ask direct questions regarding your nutrition and wellbeing 


Pam Hird | Naturopath & Nutrition

valued at $150




To encourage you to make time for yourself and to value your physical health You will receive Pilates Reformer classes as part of this 6 week series



You will also get three class passes to use when suits you during the week. No matter the class the Coach Pilates instructors will be there to make sure you make the most of each session.


Meg will conduct weekly challenger only session.


We recommend you make this one of your three sessions.As this session  will be a check-in and workout to make sure you are on track and the chance to chat with our other challengers.


If you need assistance Meg will work with you to schedule your fitness into your day to day life. If you also want to hit a dance class or go for walks we will figure out how to make your fitness work for you.


Meg | Head Coach

valued at over $300




As part of the series you will also get 8 weeks access to our Goal Getter Online Portal. 


Goal Getter has a library of workouts, recipes and mindfulness tips to help you on your journey. 


You will also receive a Welcome gift to help set you up for the challenge. 


We will also have a Facebook group where all challengers can communicate and share their stories and progress. 


Goal Getter |

valued at $99


Pricing Options.

Valued at $1159 make the most of the opportunity to work with our specialist Coaches and bring the magic back into your life.

After pay is available for our Early Bird and Upfront Options

Early Bird 12 Week -  Weekly Payment if purchased before 11th September. 

6 Week - Weekly payment plan is also available select start date Oct 10th.


Pay before 11th September and lock in our early bird rate saving $50

Afterpay available




6 Weekly Payments

Pick your start date (must start prior to 10 October) 


$85 p/wk


Break payments into 12 Weekly instalments


SelectedPayment start date must be before 11 September




Register after 11 September 

Afterpay available.