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We know it can be nerve wracking starting Reformer Pilates so here are some of our most common questions to help put your mind at ease...

I have never done reformer Pilates before can I come to a class?

Pilates is suitable for every body. At Coach Pilates we tailor our classes to suit all abilities and fitness levels. The goal of our instructors is to make sure you are having fun and working to the best of your ability.  


If you are unsure remember you can BOOK IN  to one of our introduction classes for $30 where will will go over the Pilates Basics, the reformer and other equipment and take you through a 30 minute session

What do I wear and bring to class?


comfy and stretchy active wear that makes you feel good and allows for freedom of movement.



Socks - PIlates grip socks recommended and can be purchased in studio.

Towel - you must bring a towel or reformer mat for hygiene reasons.


Good vibes and a can do attitude. We got you and are here to support you in every class.

Why Coach Pilates? 

We are committed to bringing you the benefits of Pilates no matter your age or fitness level.


We have options for every one.


Shy and don’t like working out - book in a group do one of our Private Sessions to get you started.


Want to put that active wear to use more than just for brunch when you catch up with your bestie. = book a duet session for the both of you.


New to the reformer - our small class sizes meant we can tailor our classes to your needs and abilities while making sure everyone is challenged.

Do you have an app?

Yes!!!! Find out more here

I am not very flexible and not super strong can I do Pilates?

At Coach Pilates we adjust our workouts to suit your fitness levels. In reformer Pilates we can start from square one and work towards your goals. We work with you to build your strength, balance and flexibility and continue to challenge your body. There is no pre-requisite to be super strong or flexible - we work within your limits

 I already exercise is there any benefit to adding Pilates to my routine?

We understand that lots of people already do  other forms of fitness and may not have time for Pilates 3 times a week. At Coach Pilates we believe coach pilates is the perfect cross training tool to add to your exercise regime. And we 100% believe even a little pilates is better than no pilates at allplus nothing beats a Pilates stretch session.

The low impact and dynamic nature of Reformer Pilates makes it the perfect finishing touch for a well-rounded program. We work on building strength, flexibility and mind body connection - that will help you not only on the field but also improve your day to day life.


Click here to find out the many benefits of pilates. 


Can I do Pilates with an injury?

The low impact and controlled nature of Pilates makes it the perfect form of exercise when rehabilitating from injury. Nearly all of our exercised can be modified to accommodate injuries/


That said Coach Pilates is a fitness based studio and we do not offer any Clinical Pilates classes that specialise in rehabilitation.


So once you have been cleared by your medical professional we are all good to help you rebuild your body.

What is the difference between reformer and Mat Pilates?

When practicing mat pilates you use your body weight and small props for resistance.


Reformer Pilates is uses the equipment called the Reformer – this bed like machine consists of springs and pulleys. 


The introduction of the reformer and it’s spring system to pilates means that we can increase or decrease resistance to make exercises easier or harder. The additional resistance element is something that cannot be found on the mat and allows for faster more effective workouts. 


Reformers also add more options for modifications making it more suited to beginners or people recovering from injuries

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